10 working mum tips

1. Look after yourself first. Get regular haircuts, pedicures, and create an easy no fuss makeup routine in the mornings.

2. Look after your relationship with your husband. Spend a bit of time together having a cup of tea in the evenings. Turn off the TV for good. Take a day off once a month with your husband to just go do odd jobs, go to the movies and go for a massage!

3. Get a cleaner. If you are a working mum, you just can’t expect yourself to clean the house. Pay the money, and get someone to do a couple of hours cleaning each week. Coming home to a clean house is worth it to your sanity.

4. TURN OFF THE TV! For good. Don’t kid yourself that it is your relaxation time. It’s is mind numbing and does not make you happy. Watch a movie once per week, let the kids watch a movie once a week, but otherwise keep the TV off at all other times. Trust me, your life will be so much better. If you need to watch some sport, then make sure it is planned watching – not just turn on the TV and see what’s on type of watching.

5. Do grocery shopping and meal planning once a week. Trust me, coming home from work and facing the question of what’s for dinner will only stress you out, and you will end up ringing for pizza.

6. Don’t do work at home. Ok there may be occasional phone calls and emails, but force yourself to limit it, and plan it in advance. Give your workplace your best effort during the day and then leave it all behind. Your work will not remember you, but your family will.

7. Get your family to limit screens at home. Instead spend the time when you get home getting the kids to play outside, helping you cook dinner, or doing their homework. They get enough screens at school.

8. Keep weekends as relaxed as possible. Make sure you get some pottering around the house time.

9. Plan in one take out meal for the family once per week. We like our Friday night fish and chips!

10. Plan in your fitness. Lunchtimes work great for me!


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