A few weeks ago I decided my new motto was – ENJOY THE MOMENT. Life goes past too fast, and I spend way too much time thinking about what will happen, what will I do, what might happen and not enough time thinking about the present!

And so I have decided to make the most of my life and many hats – mother, wife, sister, daughter, working mother, crossfitter, cook, socialite, volunteer and try to do my best at each one of these roles. I believe that you can have it all – but it takes organisation and a belief in prioritisation of the most important things in life – God and family – in that order. I hope that you too can do this, and I’ve created this blog to document my efforts and hopefully give others ideas to keep their lives together, happy and wholesome.

“Nothing can make you happy, except you. Once you accept that happiness already exists in you, you will begin to experience more happiness around you,” he says. “If you think happiness is outside you, you will make happiness into a search, a catch or a reward you must earn. If, however, you know happiness is inside you, then happiness becomes a compass that helps you to live your best life.”

Robert Holden, author of Be Happy



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