2 ways to avoid the ‘hurry up’ words with kids and keep your sanity

Sometimes I have to laugh and cry at the same time. I’ve just said ‘hurry up’ and ‘come on’ about ten times in 1 minute to my boys. And did it make a difference? Nope. Just made me more annoyed. I’m pretty sure it’s just white noise to them. However, I have come up with a couple of strategies to help with getting kids out of the house in time:

1) Give them 1 instruction at a time. Kneel down at eye level and give them the instruction quietly whilst looking straight into their eyes. Then ask them “What do you need to do now?”. And then when they still haven’t done anything a minute later, look them in the eye and quietly ask them again “What do you need to do?”. This usually works and they head off to do their allotted task. The key is 1 instruction at a time, with their’s and your full focused attention.

2) Reward their independence. It’s been an effort but my 3 and 5 year old boys can now dress themselves, find their shoes, hats, schoolbags and get into the car all on their own. They get a small prize  (1 malteser or jaffa ) if they beat myself and my daughter to the car. No punishments for not getting there, just rewards. Works most mornings!


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