Keeping fit!

Okay. I admit it. I am a Crossfitter. It took me a long time to call myself this, and countless moments of annoyance as I listened to my husband CONSTANTLY talk about crossfit.

But seriously. It’s great. I have worked it into my routine – every lunchtime I meet my husband at the Crossfit gym dressed in my workclothes. It takes about 30 seconds to strip into workout gear, an hour to do the workout, and then a 30 second utilisation of baby wipes, lipstick, a hair brush and I’m out the door and back at my desk. I eat lunch at my desk.

And guess what! I’m almost able to do a pull up. I never would have thought I would. My husband and I have a deal – I’m allowed to buy a new bedspread (we did get a new one a year ago, but its grey and very boring!) as soon as I’m able to do 1 strict pull up… I’ll keep you posted.


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