Delicious paleo

When I first heard about Paleo – I laughed. Huh! Caveman food? It sounded so last year, and so cultish.

However, little did I know it but my western diet (which I thought was pretty healthy) was just not good enough. My kids had constant respiratory infections, rashes (which I thought was due to heat), my husband had ezcema, and I kept getting regular chest infections and strange itchy spots on my face which I put down to stress and pregnancy hormones. Slowly we looked at our diet, removed the dairy (so hard to begin with but the rewards kept on coming – the rashes, eczema and respiratory infections disappeared), and then slowly started realising that our diet was very high in processed carbs, and very low in good fats.

2 years on and I would call our diet paleo-ish. Most of our meals would be paleo, but if we are with other people or having other people over for dinner then we are not going to snob some good old fashioned chocolate dessert. I am also a fan of goat’s cheese in our salads. There are probably some other non – paleo items too.

Paleo certainly doesn’t have to be boring or tasteless or difficult. We started with the crossfit meal plans as a way to plan our day’s food, and slowly we cut out the majority of processed carbs. We are so much healthier and happier for it!

Crossfit meal plans (a must read):


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