All before 8:30 am…

8:30am Monday morning. Ding. Murmurs of forced cheery ‘Morning!’s. Expected exclamations of ‘I need some coffee!’ as people turn on their workstations and head to the kitchen. I overhear some of my colleagues complaining of their early starts and chuckle when I hear that the early start is the not so early start of 7:30am…and catch the equally amused smile of a fellow working mother. Wow. Wait till they have kids!

…6:30 am my alarm sounds and as this is already cutting it fine, I can’t even hit the snooze button. I partially get dressed, deliberately not putting on my workshirt as I have found out the hard way that feeding a 7 month old in the morning will always be catastrophic for those smart monotone shirts that show all the attempts of cleaning off food stains! However, I do my two minute makeup and hair routine (lipstick, mascara, earings, and bobby pins, and some dry shampoo!) and then pull out a tin of tuna. A mouthful or two later, I’m into the boys room carrying them to their chairs half asleep. A tin of tuna each, a handful of nuts and specially cut up pieces of orange put in front of them, another mouthful of tuna for me then its my daughter’s time to feed. Getting dressed, mentally ticking off lunchboxes, bags, shoes, is it school uniform or sports uniform today? have I signed all excursion forms?oh dear my toe nails need painting!. Into the car the 50 minute round trip of drop offs begin for each child, complete with 2 minute chats with various teachers, the biting back of multiple ‘come on darling, we will be late, where’s your hat?  until I finally pull up at my office…

Ahh. All before 8:30 am.


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