The last night before school starts FOREVER!

I’m sitting here, unable to sleep because I’m just so excited! My oldest child is about to start school tomorrow! Mixed in with all the excitement is the knowledge that my life is about to change…again. Yes, it changed dramatically when my son was born five years ago. I know – but that is long in the past and 2 kids since then have kind of blurred the edges there. Starting school though, means more hats for me!

The question that is going through my head – surely it is possible to have it all? Happiness, healthiness, family life and a career? I’ve juggled it so far – worked for 5 years in between having 3 children, started studying another degree whilst on maternity leave, started crossfit a year ago, playing touch, going to church and bible study, volunteering… surely I can keep juggling even with this school thing thrown in??

But I can’t ignore the flutters of uncertainty in my stomach. I am a teeny bit scared of losing it all whilst trying to have it all.

And so I start a blog.


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